SearchPlanes.com officially launched!

August 5, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

As the EAA AirVenture closes, we open!

Search Planes Logo

Welcome to SearchPlanes.com

I’m Keith, the publisher of SearchPlanes.com and the founder and CEO of the web development company that put this site together.  SearchPlanes.com is one of the coolest domain names I own.   My Dad flew and I’m really interested.   Produced my first video, “Let’s Fly!”, at least 25 years ago.

We’re opening with a humongous special here…one-year, every-feature-we-offer, $90 classifieds listing packages for five bucks! The back-link to your website alone will be worth the five-spot.  Shazaam!  Where else can you advertise spam-free aviation-related goods and services for a fiver?!

Put up your five buck classified now – the offer is good for the first thousand advertisers.   So hurry – and tell your friends quick, too!

Please contact us anytime with suggestions and questions.  We welcome your inquiries ~ and we thank you for visiting!

Keith Klein