About SearchPlanes

The SearchPlanes.com site provides affordable classifieds advertising solutions to aviation-related businesses, including free classifieds good for 30 days through $90 classifieds with every available feature that good for one full year.

SearchPlanes.com provides aviation industry companies with fast, easy, effective and affordable websites. SearchPlanes.com is a project of OnYourMark, LLC.  OnYourMark specializes in web design, production, programming, hosting and internet marketing.  We are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin – a Southeastern Wisconsin community within Waukesha county and adjacent to Milwaukee County, Ozaukee County, Jefferson County and Washington County.

OnYourMark, LLC started life in 1987 as in Industrial Marketing Company.   In 1994 www.OnYourMark.com was launched to showcase the firm’s web design, production, programming, hosting and Internet marketing capabilities.

Today OnYourMark, LLC consists of a Fine Family of Companies tightly integrated to bring unprecedented levels of web expertise and service to small- and medium-sized businesses.   Each division represents a core technology and marketing focus, integrated so each can bring added value to the other, and separated just enough to offer “best of breed” technology and service.

Please call or contact us with suggestions or questions anytime.